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What is Pay Stub?

A pay stub is a proof income you may receive from your company to employee and contractors. It also lets you efficiently track your finance, secure bank loans, apply for credit cards and build a reliable work reference.

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Everything You Need To Know

What is a Company Paystub?

Businesses share paystubs with their employees to detail their gross earnings, deductions, and net income. A company paystub is a written or digital proof of income that includes all these details with the employee's personal information like name, address, and social security number. Creating a paystub online has become popular among companies in different sectors as it translates into significant advantages for the payroll team and the workforce.

Some states in the US don't mandate businesses to share checkstubs with their workforce. However, all companies should note that the Fair Labor Standards Act requires tracking an employee's working hours and payment details.

Should you Create Physical or Online Paystubs?

Traditionally, accountants attached paystubs to the paychecks handed to the employees. But creating paystubs online has become a widespread choice in the contemporary business world. A free paystub maker lets you rely on a trusted third-party tool while freeing up time for revenue-generation activities. Payroll processing can occupy the valuable operational time. Other benefits include:

  • Less scope of error : Creating checkstubs online reduces the rate of human error and minimizes the risk of hefty penalties in the future.
  • Easy access and distribution : Digital paystubs are easy for employees to access as you can directly send them to their e-mail inbox. They are also available on the payroll system or document-management software. It boosts transparency and promotes trust in the organization.

We recommend using online paystubs for cost savings. Viewing it as a cost avoidance strategy can be counter-productive if your state mandates companies to share paystubs with their employees. Not creating and sharing these documents (physical or digital) raises suspicion of wage theft and impacts employee satisfaction and company reputation.

Who Needs Paystubs?

Paystubs are vital financial documents you should store whether you are an employee, a business owner, or an employer.

  • Professionals : These documents detail the payment information in a pay period, including gross pay, deductions towards taxes, insurance, etc., and net income. They let you understand your payments, file taxes accurately, and share legal proof of income with banks, landlords, and potential employers.
  • Business owners : Paystubs for your employees are essential to file taxes without errors. They help guarantee compliance and also resolve any grievances about incorrect payment.
  • Contractors and freelancers : Checkstubs are crucial for tracking the income from different clients and filing income taxes accordingly. A free check stub maker can benefit you immensely as you don’t receive financial records from employers.

Do you Need a Paystub Generator?

More companies are shifting to digitization for payroll, attempting to save time, effort, and money. Your current payroll system may be physical, creating and sharing paper records with the staff. A free checkstub maker is a greener, more sustainable option that also improves accessibility for the workforce. When your team members have access to their financial records on the employee portal or
e-mail inbox, it enhances transparency in your business.
Here are some more reasons you should consider using a paystub generator :

Small or medium business size : Smaller establishments may not have a dedicated team to process payroll. Your employees will have to don multiple hats, getting fatigued and overwhelmed. Automating repetitive processes can ease their burden.

  • Frequent employee grievances : You should rethink your approach if your staff often complains about payment errors.
  • Delayed payroll : Delays in sharing paystubs can be problematic for team members who urgently need the records for personal financial needs. Online paystubs can get generated and shared quickly, circumventing this problem.

What is an Employee Paystub?

This critical financial document details an employee’s gross earnings from various heads over a pay period, the tax deductions, and the net income. Employers generate checkstubs for specific pay duration and distribute them to the workforce to facilitate tax filing and income tracking. The deductions include employer contributions to federal and state taxes, payments towards retirement policies, wage garnishments, and other relevant payroll information. These documents are also referred to as payslips or earnings statements.

Employee paystubs can be physical, i.e., printed on paper, or digital. Electronic checkstubs have become the preferred choice by global organizations for their tangible cost and time advantages. Using an online paystub generator can be a small but significant decision to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Uses of Employee Checkstubs

As an employee, your paystub is one of the most salient financial records for every pay period. It serves as proof of income of your gross and net earnings. You will need these documents to rent a house, apply for a loan, bring out a new medical insurance policy, or buy a vehicle. Employee check stubs also have other uses:

  • Ensures error-free payment for all your billed hours, including overtime and bonuses
  • Facilitates settlement of marital disputes leading to divorce or separation
  • Helps receive government aid for disability, accident coverage, and prolonged illness

What are the Payroll Deductions on Employee Paystubs?

Your paystub is subject to several deductions toward funding national policies, healthcare programs, and retirement benefits. Income taxes at federal and state levels also get subtracted from gross earnings to facilitate law enforcement, foreign affairs, transportation, etc. Here are the main deductions you will find on your paystub:

  • Medicare covers federal insurance for citizens over 65 years. It also assists younger people with disabilities and health concerns.
  • Social Security funds disability and retirement benefits.
  • Federal, state, and local taxes fund community-based services and insurance covers for disability and unemployment.
  • Voluntary insurance plans cover medical or dental care, life insurance, etc.
  • Employer-sponsored Retirement Plans like 401(k) or the Roth Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)
  • Other deductions include child support, wage garnishments, credit card collections, pensions, company merchandise, etc.

How can Employees Receive Paystubs?

Your company will share paystubs with you at the end of a pay period if you work in a state that makes it mandatory. You should contact the concerned authority (like the HR or finance teams) if you don’t receive the documents on time.

Employees can receive digital payment records if their employer uses direct deposit. The payment gets transferred to the bank account at the end of a pay period.

Even if you work in a state that doesn’t make paystubs mandatory, you can request to see your personnel file. Employees can file a complaint with the Fair Labor Division or the labor union if the request goes unmet.

You can also use a paystub generator free to create accurate and detailed payment records. Choose a trusted tool with updated calculations and taxation norms to avoid errors.

You can also contact your previous employer if you have recently switched jobs. Your new company will likely require you to share the necessary records before hiring you. Your former supervisor should be able to help you with this request and ask you to share details like your mailing address, employee identification number, and the dates for the records.

Detecting Employee Fake Paystubs

As a business owner, you must be wary of employee fake pay stubs shared by a new hire. The increased access to a paystub generator free has raised the risk of fraud. We recommend the following tests to detect fake pay stubs:

  • Inaccurate basic information : Some fraudsters may omit to update generic details for address, Social Security Number, marital status, etc.
  • Incorrect calculations that miss the decimals : Inauthentic checkstubs often have misaligned data where the decimal points don’t align properly. Some fake documents use too many rounded-up figures.
  • Inconsistent fonts : Genuine paystubs use basic fonts that computers can process.
  • Fishy check numbers : The check numbers cannot rise exponentially each month if the firm has only a handful of employees. We recommend verifying the references shared by employees to confirm authenticity. You can also check with the bank if the employee received payments by direct deposit.

What are the Penalties of Fake Paystubs?

Certain situations may tempt business owners and professionals to create fake paystubs. For instance, you may quickly require a loan approval and get enticed to fudge figures. Corporate scams and lack of access to genuine pay stubs are other reasons for fake records. Using counterfeit pay stub tools with inaccurate algorithms can also land you in trouble.

  • You may have to pay hefty penalties of up to $1 million
  • You might get rejected for credit facilities like credit cards
  • You could get banned from accessing financial assistance like loans
  • You might get terminated from your job if the employer finds out you have used fake pay stubs
  • You lose the right to sue your employer in the future over concerns like discrimination
  • Your business credentials or licenses can get revoked
  • In extreme cases, you could even face jail time of up to five years

What are the Risks of Sharing Fake Paystubs?

Having fake payment records has dire repercussions for employees and companies. Generating fraudulent documents as a business owner can affect the company's reputation and create a public relations crisis. Employees can lose trust in the firm and resign, leading to high attrition rates.

The falsification of government documents is a serious offense. We recommend checking the Trustpilot score of the organization to verify its authenticity before going on board.

Real vs. Fake Paystubs

The internet is rife with paystub generators that use fishy software to produce fraudulent records. Often, a fake paystub online lacks all the essential information, like your social security number, the pay period, benefits, exemptions, taxes, and net earnings. They may also miss the company logo. The number of people faking payment records is also high in the auto industry for vehicle loans.

Sharing a fake paystub can land you in serious trouble. As an employee, you may get terminated, arrested, or restricted from receiving financial assistance like loans and credit cards. Companies that use fake payment records can face severe penalties and suffer a reputational crisis. Checking the reviews and recommendations of the chosen digital tool is a safe strategy to avoid phony websites.

Do you have to Share Paystubs with Employees?

Different states in the US vary in their requirements for paystubs. Still, they must maintain detailed records per the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

  • Paystubs not mandated, like Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana: Employers in these states may voluntarily share records with their employees.
  • Paystubs are mandated in written, printed, or electronic forms, like in Arizona, Illinois, and Kansas
  • Written paystubs are necessary, like in California, Colorado, and Connecticut: Some employers share printable records, ensuring employees can access a printer.
  • Written paystubs opted for by employees, like Delaware, Minnesota, and Oregon: The professional can opt to receive only paper records.
  • Electronic paystubs only by consent: Hawaii needs employers to seek permission before switching to an electronic payroll system

How long should you Store Company Paystubs?

The standard recommendation is to maintain these records for one year. You will need the information at the time of filing your taxes. The IRS asks companies to store paystubs, payroll forms, and W-4 for four years. The rules differ by state. For instance, firms in California and New York must maintain payroll records for six years.

It is a good idea for employees to maintain paystubs for the previous 3–6 months. They come in handy when you are between jobs or wish to settle payment disputes with an employer.

You should consult your employer if you require paystubs urgently and lack the required records. can help you generate the documents within minutes once you share the required payment and personal information.

Should you Store your Paystubs?

Your paystub is a crucial document detailing your earnings over a pay period. You will share checkstubs when you wish to apply for a loan, medical insurance, a new job, a credit card, etc. Using paystubs as income proof is common for renters.

Storing these records will also help you during tax season. They reveal your earnings and deductions in detail and let you verify that you are getting paid correctly. Companies must store checkstubs to track the earning of their workforces and settle any wage disputes. Using a paystub online simplifies storage requirements, while paper records demand effort and space in filing and maintenance. The latter must get stored in files, boxes, or an offsite storage facility. It becomes an added cost, also adding the anxiety of losing sensitive data to a security breach or poor humidity and temperature conditions.

Maintaining Data Privacy in Employee Checkstubs

Paystubs contain confidential and sensitive information that can be dangerous in unauthorized hands. Employee checkstubs contain details like gross pay, taxes deducted, net pay, and personal information such as the Social Security Number. Preserving data privacy while handling these documents is vital.

The standard recommendation is to store them safely for one year until you have paid the taxes. Following this, you should use a paper shredder to dispose of them. Digital paystubs should be maintained in secure, password-protected files to avoid identity theft. You can also utilize other access security techniques like fingerprint sign-in and facial recognition. We advise you permanently delete files you don’t want a wrongdoer to restore in case of a data breach.

Storing payment records for longer than the advised retention period is not recommended. It can raise the probability of a security breach or fraud.

How do Paystubs Help Businesses and Employees?

A paystub details an employee's gross income, deductions, exemptions, and net earnings during a pay period. Paystubs are essential for the financial needs of business owners and employees. It serves as proof of income for landlords, new employees, loan providers, etc. It can also help you purchase a car or a house and apply for medical insurance or a visa. It guarantees you are getting paid correctly, highlighting errors in payroll software or human data entry. It lets you tally your pay rate with the total time worked. Payroll errors can escalate into employee grievances and damage your company's image.

Paystubs also simplify tax season as you have a clear picture of your yearly earnings and taxes withheld. Correct tax filing protects companies from audits or inquiries. Other benefits of paystubs include:

  • Streamline income from multiple jobs for freelancers and contractors
  • Track your retirement money from plans like (401)k
  • Budget more effectively
  • Help small business owners guarantee compliance with federal wage laws

Paystubs are vital not only for full-time employees but also for independent contractors. Drivers, commission earners, dispatchers, people seeking disability allowance, etc., can benefit from paystubs too.

How Digital Payroll Paystubs Propels Success for Businesses

More businesses are automating core processes to gain advantages in speed and productivity. Using a paystub maker is a simple, practical, and effective strategy to witness savings in time and effort. can offload the repetitive chores of generating and distributing paystubs so your team members can focus on revenue-generating tasks. Our paystub maker uses an updated background calculator based on the tax norms in your chosen state. It ensures you get accurate and legal documents that make tax season hassle-free. Picking a free check stub maker with calculator should be a careful decision, as incorrect figures can snowball into massive penalties.

We have a 24/7 customer service team to resolve our client’s queries and grievances. Our team will rectify errors and incorporate the required edits in your checkstubs in a short timeframe.

How to use a Paystub Generator to Streamline Payroll Needs

Trusting a reliable free check stub maker with calculator is a concrete step toward simplifying your business processes. These tools can be helpful for business owners, employees, contractors, and self-employed professionals. employs an intelligent and updated state-wise algorithm to compute your net earnings. The background calculator uses state-wise tax deductions per the current norms and gets continually updated. We help you generate professional paystubs within minutes, ready for printing or sharing with your employees by e-mail. Automating this cumbersome aspect of payroll processing frees you to focus on creative aspects of your business. It is easy to place bulk orders for your organization with us.

You can create detailed and accurate checkstubs with us in a few steps:

  • Pick a template : Regular layouts work well for standard payroll needs. We also have an enhanced template that can show income from various heads, have additional fields, etc.
  • Enter the necessary information : It includes personal details, like your name, address, employer’s info, etc. Entering accurate payment information is critical, as we will refer to this data for our calculations.
  • Preview the paystub : This step lets you make the requisite revisions.
  • Generate the paystub : You will receive it in your inbox within minutes. You may print it or share it with your team members in their inboxes.

How Paystub Generators Can Manage Remote Payroll Operations

A hybrid model of working has become commonplace in a pot-pandemic world. Companies that encourage remote work can witness greater employee satisfaction and productivity gains. Using automated tools can be helpful in these settings to facilitate and monitor your remote workplace.

A free paystub maker can directly boost transparency in your organization. You can create and distribute the checkstubs to your team members at the end of their pay periods. The process is quick, error-free, and uncomplicated for both business owners and employees (full-time and part-time).

Other tools you can utilize include employee attendance trackers. Some payroll management solutions provide a full-service package, from HR facilities to processing payments and addressing grievances.

Best Business Practices for Personnel Record Management

As a business owner, maintaining detailed and accurate personnel records is imperative.

  • Working hours and payments : The Fair Labor Standards Act requires companies to maintain employees' working hours and associated income for three years. It is essential even if your state does not mandate paystub distribution.
  • Tax records : The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires employers to store details like taxes paid and withheld for federal and state taxation. You should keep the form W4 or the Employee's Withholding Certificate for four years. It details how much the employer will withhold from the paycheck.
  • Records for contractors : Companies must store personnel data for full-time employees and contractors. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) mandates this.

Using Online Paystubs to Increase Productivity in Business

Productivity, or the work done in a unit of time, is a critical metric for growing businesses. The crux of boosting productivity is automating tasks and freeing up resources for revenue-boosting activities.

Payroll processing can eat up a large chunk of time and effort. If your business is in states like California or Iowa, you must distribute paystubs to the employees. Switching to an online paystub generator can save valuable resources and enhance productivity. employs an updated background calculator with recent laws on tax withholdings according to the state. It ends the hassle of figuring out stage-wise tax deductions, guidelines for independent contractors, etc.

Using cloud-based software and automated tools is also environment-friendly. Digital checkstubs help you save paper expenses and distribution, and storage costs.

We recommend pairing this strategy with other techniques to boost productivity, like prioritizing employee training and promoting remote work. Workforce productivity links directly to business competitiveness in the modern landscape.

Business Abbreviations on Employee Pay Stubs

Paystubs tend to have numerous abbreviations whose meanings are not immediately apparent. Employees may find them overwhelming and confusing, limiting their understanding of their payments. Here are some of the most common acronyms you will find on checkstubs. We have simplified their meanings for quick reference.

  • GROSS : Your earnings before deductions
  • YTD or year-to-date : It refers to your income from the first day of the current financial year to the date the paystub got issued.
  • BRVMT or Bereavement pay
  • CNT or Contract pay
  • FED TAX : The federal income taxes withheld
  • STATE TX : The state income taxes withheld, differing by the state
  • FICA or Social Security Tax : It goes toward funding retirement provisions
  • MEDICARE : Deductions towards federal Medicare programs
  • LIFE : Life insurance deductions
  • ERA : Contributions toward the Educational Retirement Act