4 Ways Our Paystub Generator Lets You Go Green!

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Your employees deserve to know exactly how much they are being paid. A paystub generator helps you create a PDF-based document, powered by our robust payroll software, that specifies each pay period, holiday pay and bonuses. Your employees will appreciate the efficiency and easy-to-read format of this special payroll report that lists all the details about their salaries and other compensation.

Paystubs are essential documents that employees need to track their payments and file their tax returns. While they definitely have to be created and stored, there is an excellent way to make the process greener – moving to paperless payroll. At StubCheck.com, we have ready-to-use templates for all your payroll needs. You can create professional paystubs in only three steps and receive them via e-mail. Moving to an online paystub generator like StubCheck.com will free you and your business of a lot of cumbersome paperwork while also ensuring better accessibility and security of sensitive information.

online paystub generator
Online Paystub Generator,

Going Green With Our Online Paystub Generator

Let’s find out how signing up for our printable check stubs can be a green solution for your business:

  1. Completely Paperless

Did you know that it takes 12 trees to make one ton of paper? The world’s pollution levels are increasing dangerously every year, and every tree is precious. When you use our online paycheck stub maker, you can go completely paperless. There is no need to create paper paystubs when you can simply generate them online in three easy steps. If you are a business owner, you can generate paystubs using our online generator and forward them to your employees’ mailboxes. Printing can be limited to a just-in-time basis: print paystubs only when you need physical copies for tax purposes or to avail of credit facilities from the bank.

  1. No Storage Limit

Unlike physical paystubs that need physical space for storage, online paystubs can be easily stored on your computer or an external disk/drive. Bid adieu to jam-packed storage rooms and file after file of payroll documents! Another plus point of online storage is that there is zero risk of losing the paystubs during cleaning or building renovations.

Note: Paystubs you generate with StubCheck.com have no expiry date; you can store them for as long as needed. It is recommended to store old stubs since the IRS (Internal Revenue Services) is authorized to check an organization’s records for the last seven years. Any paystubs you generate with us will remain until you delete them. If you have downloaded them and are storing them on e-mail, ensure to disable your mail server’s automatic delete option (that automatically deletes mails older than a certain date).

  1. Anytime Access

 A paystub is an important document since it reflects an employee’s proof of income. Not only is it required during tax filing but may also be needed during bank visits, job interviews, etc. Very often, we need to print several copies of paystubs and keep them ready for such occasions. However, our online paystub generator eliminates the problem of accessing your check stubs. You can access them anytime from your e-mail and print as and when required. If you have downloaded the stub to your computer/mobile, you won’t even need an internet connection to proceed.

  1. Reduced Costs

Read: more money for your business! One of the greatest benefits of paperless payroll is that you cut down on a variety of costs. For instance, the cost of long computations (StubCheck.com has automatic calculators doing it for you) and the cost of distributing paystubs (you can simply e-mail). When you cut costs on the business payroll, you have more money at your disposal to make your business more sustainable, productive and cost-effective.

Moving to a paperless payroll system may seem like a small step. But, as we just saw, it can be a massive eco-friendly leap for your business. Not only do you incorporate green practices in your organization but also cut costs, improve efficiency, and add to the convenience of your employees. Talk about a win-win situation!

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