Business Owners, Here’s Why Not Using a Paystub Generator Can Prove Expensive

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Entrepreneurs or business owners do not need a paystub as they may not withdraw a salary in each pay period. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need an automated paystub generator – far from it! Financial experts recommend that business people use an online paystub generator for their employees to maintain clear, concise, and error-free payment records.

But wait – can’t you use manual payroll? Indeed, many companies continue to rely on paper-based paystubs. However, the transition to digital payment records has been phenomenal and all-pervasive. More businesses have turned to payroll management software to streamline their finances.

Drawbacks of Not Using a Paystub Generator Tool

Chances are you are missing out if you stick to older means of paystub generation. The limitations can pile up rapidly and affect the productivity and reputation of your company.


It denies employees proof of income.

A paystub is a salient document for employees to show proof of their income in a specific period. From banks and financial institutions to landlords and credit card companies – many institutions demand payslips. Your employees will find it difficult to get a loan, bring out a new medical insurance policy, or purchase a property without proof of income.

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It makes finance management difficult.

Using a free paystub maker to generate regular checkstubs for your workforce grants you organized access to their personal and payment information. You can access all their details, like net earnings and tax deductions. It is crucial information to manage the finances of your business. Not building paystubs for each payment period means you must put in excessive time and effort during tax season, audits, etc.

Manual payroll processing is error-prone and time-consuming.

Relying on manual payroll management is risky and cumbersome at these times. You must hire dedicated team members to handle the job and never get assured of error-free documents. Any mistakes can seep into tax filing, costing you hefty penalties in the future. Manual processing may miss critical details, like net pay, deductions, or company contact information.

In contrast, a free check stub maker with calculator can introduce speed, efficiency, and precision into the system, limiting the chances of error. It also reduces employee grievances and improves their overall workplace satisfaction.

Small business owners cannot afford a separate payroll department.

Things are tough when you are starting. Recent studies show that startups can take 2-3 years to break even and become profitable. Hiring an employee for paystub generation can be beyond the budget of small businesses. However, maintaining these records is crucial for enterprises of all sizes. A paystub creator can simplify things at little cost, letting business owners keep accurate records without the responsibility of managing a separate team.

Keeping payment records is also a healthy preparation for an audit. An auditor will verify that you issue the requisite payment to all your employees per the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Not maintaining paystubs makes conflict resolution tricky.

Payment grievances exist across companies, no matter how meticulously your payroll department works. Former employees may come to you with requests for old pay slips. An existing employee may find that his deductions are incorrect. You can attend to these disputes if you have kept all the payment records in order. Digital tools let you store paystubs and access them quickly – without taking up too much space. Being unable to resolve such conflicts can prove costly for your company as you may have to pay penalties.

Writing or printing manual paystubs can be seen as old-school.

Not every business owner can hire a payroll professional with excellent penmanship and perfect mathematical abilities. Writing dozens of checks in every pay period takes time. The result will not be as sleek and modern as digitally generated records. Some employees can view this as old-fashioned – not aligned with what a more ‘modern’ or contemporary organization might do.

Using a paystub maker means you needn’t print all the checks. sends the paystubs directly to your e-mail inbox, and you can forward them to your employees. Printing can be done on a need-to basis to save paper, costs, and time.

Creating customized paystubs by hand takes a lot of effort.

You may need to build unique records if your workforce has part-time professionals, freelancers, contractors, and full-time employees. Fields like overtime pay, bonuses, etc., may not apply to all your workers. Building customized paystubs can take too much time and effort when done manually. But a free check stub maker can make personalization straightforward. offers regular and enhanced templates to accommodate variable needs and meet an employee’s preference. Digital tools also let you choose new designs, fonts, watermarks, and other details. Some programs have provisions to place backdrops on the check.

Paper paystubs affect your carbon footprint.

Going green and adopting more sustainable business practices is more urgent than ever. In this age of resource crunch, using paper payslips and printing numerous checks each month can blow up your carbon footprint. An online tool can be greener, letting you minimize paper use and only print when necessary. Your employees will have direct access to their payment records in their inboxes.


Is it legal to use a paystub generator?

Using a paystub maker for business is perfectly legal. The only requirement is you must ensure the correctness of all the information. We recommend carefully selecting your software application or online tool, as some fraudulent providers may generate fake, inaccurate records with missing fields.

Some states in the US have specific norms about using an online paystub. For instance, California, Colorado, and Iowa require that an employer share a written record only. What if a company chooses a printable format? It must ensure that every employee can access a printer. In Delaware, Minnesota, and Oregon, employees can decide to receive a paper record. Hawaii is the only US state where a business owner must get the employee’s permission before shifting to a digital payroll system. You must check state-specific laws before transitioning to a new approach to guarantee compliance.

Adopting a digitized paystub generation system can bring efficiency and modernization to your organization. Over time, you will see improvements in productivity and employee satisfaction.

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