Ways Our Online Paystubs Improve Employee Satisfaction

A satisfied employee tends to work harder, remain more committed to the business goals, and show lower attrition rate. A simple thing you can do this year to boost employee satisfaction is to switch over to online paystubs for tracking your employee’s earnings over time. This may seem like a small step, but it can give you monumental returns in terms of not just employee satisfaction but also cost savings and business growth.

If you run a company, there are several things you do to ensure its growth. A growth-oriented business plan, a hard-working team, proper management of finances, and tracking your costs and profits are just some of these things. However, amidst all these big-ticket items, there is something else that’s crucial to your company’s success: employee satisfaction.

How Online Paystubs Boost Employee Satisfaction

As a business owner, you will be able to see multiple benefits when you switch to online paystubs for your employees.

1. Clear Breakdown of Income and Deductions

A professional paystub details an employee’s earnings and deductions and shows his net pay in a pay period. This information helps him plan his expenditures and savings accordingly. It also helps him compare his income to that from the same period last year, thus telling him how he has grown professionally. When an employee periodically receives this paystub, it encourages him to track his finances well and keep growing constantly. An employee’s personal growth translates into overall growth for your business! 

With an online paystub generator like StubCheck.com, you can choose a regular or enhanced paystub for your employees. Our customized templates will let you generate elaborate paystubs for your team and share them timely.  It also reduces your – and their – hassle when it’s the season for filing income tax returns.

2. Constant Accessibility

Your employees may require paystubs for their personal needs, say, while applying for a bank loan or credit facility. If their need is urgent and time-bound, they may not be able to wait until you hand them over a physical paystub. But when you use our online paystub generator, you can give your employees constant accessibility to their paystubs. At the end of a pay period, their check stub will arrive in their e-mail, and they can download it or print as needed. Always having proof of their income handy is very convenient. Plus, it gives your employees the message that you care for their convenience.

3. Minimal Delays

Offices spread all over the world is a modern-day organizational reality. Very often, the paystubs for employees in multiple geographical locations are processed at a central HR office. In such scenarios, paystub delivery usually takes time, runs into delays, and may sometimes not be delivered as and when expected. These situations slowly increase dissatisfaction among employees. They may also make employees feel less connected to their parent company, especially when they are working in satellite or off-shore locations.

Using a reliable paycheck stub maker like StubCheck.com eliminates this problem. Irrespective of the physical location of the employee, you as the business owner can share his paystubs via e-mail. Delays due to bad weather, personal emergencies, etc., can also be avoided.

If there’s only one thing you are planning to do for your employees’ satisfaction this year, consider paperless payroll. It will reap dividends not only for your employees but also for your business, by cutting down costs and improving operational efficiency. Over time, online paystubs will become an important – and positive – factor in your company’s overall employee satisfaction.

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