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The privacy of our clients is handled with the utmost care. This privacy statement is applicable to both the collection and handling of customer data, and has been created to apply to pay stub.The sole purpose of the website is for ecommerce, and therefore the utilization of assumes your consent and understanding of our data handling methodology.

Assemblage of Data may obtain identify personally recognizable data, such as your first and last name and contact information. A third party financial processing company, is responsible for all transactions, toward which your data will be utilized for identification purposes. Additionally, further information – personal or public – may potentially be collected throughoutcontinued use of website. The automatic assemblage of your computer hardware and/or software data may occur, potentially including information about your web addresses accessed, browser info, domain name, IP address, and/or times of use. Data collected is used in service of the consumer experience, adding fluidity and personalization to services offered on The team advises our clientele to become familiarized with our privacy statement, as well as those of additional websites on which you may select to link from for the purpose of gaining an understanding of how your data may be utilized, collected and/or shared. Data handled by websites other than bares no responsibility by with regard to the privacy of the client.

Utilization of Data

CS utilizes collected personal data for the sole purpose of executing services chosen. Additionally, may leverage personally identifiable data for the purpose of notification of products or services offered by or affiliated sites, which may be of use based upon knowledge of previous user activity.Opinion surveys may also be disseminated and collected from the consumer for the purpose of improving existing and/or implementing new services. However, does not make personal data available for purchase or lease by third party sites. Certain partner sites may be entrusted with selected information for the purpose of providing the client with emails, support or analysis, those of whom are strictly prohibited to use client data for any reason outside of those aforementioned and are required to uphold appropriate handling of your privacy. Data informing of site visitation times, specific pages, or other browsing information may be monitored by for the purpose of learning which services are most frequently needed by our customers. This may be used for purposes of individualization of content and/or advertisement targeting to create a more concise process in the offering of services. Data shared without disclosure is only done in the case that legal factions have requested it in the following cases: 1. In compliance to laws upheld by; 2. In order to protect the rights of; 3. When necessary in extenuating situations for the protection of safety for team or the public.

Utilization of 'Cookies'

Cookies, by definition, are text files saved to your computer's hard drive through a web server, and may be leveraged by StubCheck.comwith the sole purpose of a more individualized user experience. By the nature of cookies, they are not capable of launching programs or installing viruses, and are assigned to users and read only by a server within the specific domain by which the cookies are issued. The purpose of cookies is to cultivate convenience for users, creating a more intuitive experience, which is done through communication that notifies the server of your return to a web page example. One such instance may be to avoid the continual entry of information into the website by allowing the site to 'remember' data across multiple visits. This action provides convenience by saving the user of the need to enter identical information during each visit, such as billing and/or shipping addresses, financial information, etc. However, cookies are a voluntary service, and although they are typically a default setting on your browser, the user may decline to utilize them. By doing so, however, the user experience may not offer the same ease and individualization as experienced through the use of cookies.

Actions Taken Towards Maintaining Your Personal Data

For the purpose of keeping personal data secure from the use of unauthorized usage, sharing or disclosure, utilizes the following processes:

Personal Data of Minors prohibits the collection of data from persons under the age of eighteen (18). Minors of this age must obtain parental consent in order to utilize services offered on Certain services are not available under any circumstances to minors under the age of eighteen, and in the case that is made aware that a client of this age or lower has utilized our services, we will further request the consent of a parent or guardian in order to maintain laws required by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 ("COPPA"). Discrimination based upon nationality, sexual orientation, age, race, gender, ethnicity, ability, or other personal status is never encouraged or acted upon by the staff of or its affiliates.

Withdrawing From Communication

In order to provide you with the freedom to protect your privacy and/or maintain control over your communication with, you may choose to opt-out of any or all email messaging from our website by requesting so through the following means of contact: Site: Email:

Continued Understanding of Your Privacy Concerns encourages you to regularly check our privacy statement in order to stay abreast of any future changes or updates that may occur based on the needs of our clientele. We reserve the right to edit and/or change any aspect of our privacy policy without the knowledge or consent of users. Your continued understanding is important for you to understand your rights and the processes we use to ensure the security of your private data. The above is governed by Massachussettes, USA state laws, which may include any conflicting laws. In the case that any aspect of the above agreements are found unenforceable through law conflicts, the validity of these terms are still to remain intact, valid and therefore enforceable according to the written terms with regard to No part of these terms may be modified, unless agreed upon in writing, which is then to be signed, in agreement of both parties.

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