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About is an online paystub generator that creates professional-looking, validated paystubs in a matter of minutes. It can be conveniently used by entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, or anyone across the United States who needs a formal proof of income. Using our check stub maker online templates is unbelievably simple. Forget completely about paying for complicated and expensive financial management software!

What is a Paystub?

A paystub is a record of an individual’s pay period, displaying the payments received, the type of taxes deducted, and any other activity occurring during the said period. This record of financial information is very useful for filing income taxes or showing a proof of income when required.

Do You Need a Paystub?

You will need a paystub if you are:

  • An entrepreneur/employer who needs to keep track of employee wages and payroll services
  • An employee who needs to track wages for income tax purposes
  • A self-employed individual who needs to show a proof of income for obtaining a bank loan or credit card
  • An individual who needs a formal paystub to build a strong work reference

Why Should You Choose StubCheck For Your Paystub Needs?

Generating paystubs may seem fairly simple, but it is a service that comes at a ludicrously high cost in the payroll industry. You’ll find several consulting firms and software not only charging you heavily but also following a complicated procedure. At StubCheck, however, we have worked hard to make the process of generating paystubs simple, fast and cost-effective. You no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars for heavy-duty financial software or consulting services.

Simply use our online paycheck stub maker that is fully customized for your needs. All you have to do is enter your company information and wage information, and voila! Our paystub template has an in-built calculator that figures out the gross-to-net income automatically. You can download and print completely professional paystubs in a few minutes.

How Can You Create Paystubs Online With StubCheck?

With, the process of generating printable check stubs online is very simple. You can do this on your laptop, mobile or desktop computer:

  • Open and hit “Create Paystub.” If you want a more detailed paystub, go to “Create Enhanced Paystub.”
  • Enter employee details as stated in the template.
  • Enter payment details as stated in the template. This may be in the form of hourly wages or salary amount.
  • Fill in the dates of beginning and end of each pay period. Check for any overtime or vacation-time that you may need to fill.
  • Fill in any deductions as applicable.
  • Fill in any federal, state or local taxes that have been deducted from the paystub.
  • Check that all the fields have been filled correctly so that the paystub will reflect an accurate gross payment.
  • When you are ready, preview and print your paystub. That’s it!

Why Can’t I Just Use a Free Online Paystub Generator?

You may come across a free online paystub generator that seems to fulfill your needs. Of course, you can choose to go ahead with it and save a couple of dollars. However, most free paystub templates come with the risk of incorrect organization, missing fields, or confusion in the structure. The correctness of paystubs is crucial for you, both as an employer and an employee. At, you can rest assured that the paystubs you generate are complete, accurate, and exactly as per your needs.

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