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Create Professional Pay Stubs within Minutes is delighted to bring you the regular pay stub maker—a go-to online tool for generating professional and meticulous pay stubs within minutes. Tell us your basic financial information such as personal details, pay period and frequency, and exemptions claimed, and voila! We generate pro yet affordable paycheck stubs you thought could only be accomplished by accountants or financial software.

As professional lives get more demanding by the minute, it becomes harder to take time out for routine but essential tasks. This is why we have endeavoured to build a fast and accurate online pay stub creator that instantly sends your check stubs to your inbox. Bingo, you just bought yourself extra time to focus on everything else that needs doing in your business! Our 24/7 customer support helps address your queries and resolve them at the earliest

Why the World is Shifting to Online Paystub Generators

    Online tools have now become ubiquitous—from movie tickets to passport applications, restaurants bookings to pay stubs. But there’s an overpowering reason more and more organisations and individuals are going digital with pay stubs: reliable convenience.     The online paystub calculator at employs an intelligent algorithm to calculate your earnings based on the state taxes, deductions and exemptions. The smart tool calculates everything for you, generating professional check stubs you can use for filing income tax returns, showing proof of income, or sharing with your employees and contractors. The pay stubs you create with our tool will never skimp on important fields, use outdated financial information, or let you down in your business environment, provided the payment information you provide to us is correct. The pay stubs are sent to your inbox from where you can download and print them, exactly as you like.

      Our clients admire the dependability of our pay stubs because we always use updated financial data. They also cherish the invaluable time and energy that lets them free up for other business pursuits.

Three Steps to Professional Check Stubs

          No more ringing up accountants and financial consultants to generate your pay stubs; professional-grade pay stubs are but a few clicks away! Follow three straightforward steps to create paystubs and receive them directly in your inbox:
          1. Enter the required payment information in the fields provided. Tell us a bit about yourself, how often you are paid, and the exemptions you want to claim.
          2. Let our smart template handle all the backstage work for you like calculations, deductions and taxes.
          3. Preview, confirm, and receive your pay stub in your inbox.
     At, we provide the first online paystub absolutely FREE, straight to your inbox. Note that we offer one free pay stub per user/company. For more pay stubs, you’ll need to pay a small fee of $3.99/stub. You can complete the payment with your preferred payment method—PayPal, debit card or credit card. Please refer to our FAQs page for any queries related to our pay stubs, including payment, return policy, and cancellation.

Create Effortless Regular Paystubs for Your Financial Needs

Pay stubs are crucial financial documents depicting your net earnings, benefits and deductions. Not only are they important to file your taxes, but you will also require them to prove your solvency to potential employers and financial institutions. Creating pay stubs needn’t involve expensive financial software. At, you can use our professional pay stubs templates to create fully legal check stubs at only $3.99. Enter your information, preview, and voila, your pay stub is instantly sent to your inbox. You can print it out or create a digital storehouse, minimising both stress and storage. Bonus: You get your first pay stub completely free.

How Choose a Right Paystub Generator for my Contractors

  • If you work independently, you need to be more proactive about receiving and maintaining your payslips. The first step is to ensure you are properly classified—as a contractor—by the company for which you work. This is mandated by the United States Department of Labor and is used as an evaluation criterion by the Internal Revenue Service. While the exact parameters of the classification vary across organizations, they mostly pertain to the number of hours, flexibility, and the individual’s degree of control.
  • Contractors are typically not eligible for any benefits such as health/medical insurance or accident coverage. Their paycheck stubs should de devoid of this section.
  • Contractors should not be subjected to any deductions from their payment. The cost of their service reflects directly in their stubs.
  • If you are an independent professional, you can use an online pay stub creator to maintain records of all your payments. At, it is straightforward to generate payment stubs for contractors by filling out basic personal information. The background pay stub calculator uses an updated algorithm to calculate your net earnings and gives you the option to print the generated payslip or keep it stored in your inbox.