Using Paystubs with Voided Checks: A Complete Guide

In a former world, paying employees with checks was the norm. But times have changed. In the modern work environment, most employers prefer to make direct deposits. It works out well for everyone; no more visiting the bank and waiting for your check to get cashed! While setting up a direct deposit account for you, your employer may request a voided check.

What information does a voided check contain? What are the situations when it can come in handy? Is it possible to build it with a free paystub maker? In this article, we discuss everything a contemporary professional should know about this financial document.

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Voided Check

What is a Voided Check?

A voided check is one that cannot be used to make a payment. You cannot fill such a check or deposit it to withdraw money. Essentially, a void check is useless for other people seeking payment.

How to Make a Voided Check?

The simplest way to create a voided check is to write “VOID” in capital letters on the front. You must write it in big, bold letters that cover the entire front area. Doing so makes a check invalid or void. It is crucial that you not cover the bottom section of the check as it shows your essential banking information.

Tip: After voiding a check, you should note it in a register or the log given in a check book. It will help you be mindful of your transactions and avoid creating any confusion.

Creating a Voided Check with Templates

If you do not have any paystub checks already, how can you make a voided check? In this situation, you can use an online paystub generator that comes with check stub templates. You can use an existing template to generate a voided check and then share them securely. At, you can print your paystubs or share it via e-mail with your employer, client, etc. Thanks to digital tools like these, it is now possible to build perfectly legitimate voided checks without actually possessing a physical check.

How are Voided Checks and Paystubs Related?

When you hand out a void check to your employer, they receive many details about your bank and account. These details include your account number, the routing number of the bank, and the location of the bank. These numbers are usually at the bottom. Using this information, your employer can set up a direct deposit account for you in which your salary, benefits, etc., will get deposited. Your paystub online or physical will reflect these payment details in every pay period.

Other Uses of Voided Checks

Besides helping with setting up direct deposit accounts, void checks are also advantageous in some other situations. Here are a few occasions when you might need to write out a void check:

  • To establish electronic payments: It is convenient to set up electronic options for periodic payments such as loans, subscriptions, mortgage, insurance, bills, etc. Many people now prefer this option to physical checks as it is a simple process with less scope for error. While setting up such an electronic debit provision, you can hand out a voided check to the recipient.
  • To set up direct deposit for benefits from a government agency: Voided checks can help not only companies/employers to set up your direct deposit salary account but also set up a similar account for government agencies. You can receive your periodic benefits checks in the said account.
  • If you make an error while writing a check: It is best to destroy an improperly filled-out check that has errors in the amount, payee, etc. However, if you cannot discard it immediately, it is a good idea to void it. It then becomes invalid. If your check does get stolen or misplaced, no one will be able to cash it and cause you a financial shock.
  • To help you keep records: Since checks are numbered successively in check books, a destroyed check can confuse you at a later stage. Some people prefer to invalidate checks instead of destroying them to avoid this problem.
Voided Checks

Are There any Replacements for Voided Checks?

While this will depend on what your bank and your employer find acceptable, sometimes you can use alternatives to voided checks. You may be able to make do with a deposit slip or a photocopy of a check. You can also consider using a direct deposit authorization form. It will include the routing number and account number of your bank.

Voided checks are beneficial for setting up payments and go a long way in reducing human error. In connection with paystubs, they help let you generate payment records. These payslips then come in handy when you need to apply for a loan, buy a car, search for a new job, etc. Fortunately, many paid or free check stub makers now let you generate voided checks even if you do not have a check book. Ensure to use void checks with caution so that your sensitive banking information does not fall into the wrong hands.

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